Adventist Volunteer Services Blog

Abigail Smith

From: Trinidad and Tobago
To: Honduras
Institution: Maranatha S.D.A Bilingual School

My name is Abigail Smith. As a passionate young woman for the Lord, I felt compelled to share God’s love with others in a dynamic way. Being a teacher at Maranatha SDA Bilingual School, in Comayagua Honduras will forever be a memory etched in my heart. I applied to serve as a missionary volunteer as a result of my love for God and my desire to directly impact the lives of others. Becoming a missionary volunteer in a new culture, affords one the opportunity to refine their spirituality, enrich their character and form bonds that will last a lifetime.

As a volunteer I faced numerous challenges but these challenges strengthened my resolve. Some of the cultural challenges I faced included difference in language, food, and leadership style. I adapted by carefully observing and clarifying anything I was uncertain about. Even though conflict was inevitable the way I dealt with the conflicts that arose with students, administration, parents and even my fellow missionaries impacted my relationship with Christ and with others . I continually sought God’s guidance for wisdom and understanding to tactfully deal with all conflicts.