IAD Secretariat News

Faye Reid retires after 50 years of Denominational Service

1.    How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself to be shy and introverted, but I love people and despite my temperament I will gravitate to people especially to make them comfortable in my surroundings. 

2.    What do you most enjoy doing when not working?

When away from work, I enjoy reading and just spending time with the family.

3.    How long have you been in church service and how have you evolved since you began?

I have been in church service for approximately 50 years.  I started service in the Central Jamaica Conference as an office secretary, first for the Department of Education and later for the President.  A few years later I came to the United States and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Office Management at Atlantic Union College, then returned to Jamaica and served in the West Indies Union office for a short time, when I received a call to serve in the Division office.  My first position at the Division office was as office secretary in the Sabbath School and Radio/TV Departments.  After about a year and a half, I was asked to serve as an office secretary in the Division Secretariat.  Later I was appointed as the Recording Secretary for the Division Committee; and still later was appointed Administrative Assistant to the Division Secretary.  At the 2000 General Conference Session I was appointed as Associate Secretary for the Division. 

4.    What was the secretariat like when you started?

There were three of us in the Secretariat for many years.  When I came to the Division there were seven unions in the territory.  We used electric typewriters, and to get out the Minutes of the Division Committee we printed them on mimeograph stencils.  Of course, for the Year-end Meetings we needed to get the Minutes in the hands of the members of the Committee by the end of the meetings so they could take them back to the unions for their upcoming year-end meetings.  This was hard work, but we made a wonderful team and were able to get these Minutes to the brethren by the end of the meetings in English, Spanish and French.  Of course, the Wednesday night before the close of the meeting at noon on Thursday, we would be at the office until way after mid-night. 

Remember now, whatever was prepared for the Agenda had to be retyped for the Minutes and then run on the mimeograph machine.  It was a marathon!!!
We then evolved into getting the IBM Mag Card Machine and a few years later the computer.  That also has evolved through many, many stages. 

The Lord has been good, and I praise Him for the way He has led us.

5.    How have things changed from then to present?

The growth in membership and the number of unions and fields and the technology has changed things very much.

6.    What are some of the main responsibilities and functions of the role you perform?

Some of the main responsibilities I perform are working with the inter-division employees—processing the calls, working on annual leaves and permanent returns; the Adventist Volunteer Service program; independent transfers to other divisions, preparation for the Division Committee and Mid-year and Year-end Meetings, the Division Working Policy, etc.

7.    What do you like most about your job?

I love working and interacting with people.

8.    What is your greatest wish for secretaries in the fields to know?

My greatest desire is for secretaries in the fields to know that the work they do from day to day may seem boring and unimportant, but they are working for the Lord. 

9.    As you prepare for retirement how do you feel when you see the great contribution you have made to the development of the work in IAD?

To be honest, I do not consider that I have made too much contribution to the development of the work, but I have been on the journey and trust that in some way I did make some contribution. 

10.    Last words

My life at the Inter-American Division has been a journey, a beautiful journey and I have enjoyed every aspect of it.  Now I leave the day to day interaction with many friends who have become like family and even though we will not see each other often, we look forward to meeting from time to time. 

May God continue to bless you all.